Rubbish and recycling

Enter your postcode into My Spelthorne to find out when you rubbish and recycling collection day is.

Textiles and small electrical items are collected weekly with your food waste - pdf icon 3 services in 1 [1004kb].

Please make sure that drinks cartons (which are shiny on the inside and made from cardboard, plastic and aluminium) go in your dark green rubbish bin or are taken to a recycling bank in the Borough. These do not go in the light green recycling bin.

Thank you for keeping plastic bags out of your recycling bins. You can re-use them in your food waste caddy or put them in your dark green bin.

To check which bin is being collected this week, see our pdf icon rubbish and recycling calendar [444kb]. You can use the recycling search tool to check what can and cannot be recycled in Spelthorne and to find the location of recycling banks.