New Local Plan for Spelthorne

Each local planning authority has to have an up-to-date Local Plan setting out the policies and proposals that will guide development in the area. Spelthorne Council is preparing a new Local Plan for the Borough to cover the period 2020 - 2035.

As part of this process the Council has produced an updated pdf icon Local Development Scheme 2017-2020 [523kb], which sets out the timetable for the preparation and adoption of the Local Plan. This was agreed in November 2017.

The Council is reviewing the evidence required to assess the Borough's need for housing, employment floorspace, other uses and infrastructure and in doing so will consider the latest evidence on key issues.

More information can be found on the Evidence Base and Supporting Documents page.

The following documents have also been prepared:

1. Statement of Community Involvement (SCI) - Sets out how the Council proposes to involve and consult local residents, businesses and land owners in Local Plan preparation and planning applications.  The SCI was adopted in July 2015

2. Duty to Cooperate Framework - Identifies the strategic planning issues which affect Spelthorne and the local authorities and bodies who the Council need to work with under the Duty to Cooperate.  The framework was agreed in June 2015.


If you are interested in the preparation of the new Local Plan and related documents and wish to be notified about future consultations or events please e-mail your name, address and contact telephone number to  Please note that whilst the Council will not share or make public the personal information held, responses to consultations cannot be treated as confidential.