Dog fouling

Removal of animal fouling from footpaths and emptying of dog waste bins within Spelthorne parks and open spaces is the responsibility of Neighbourhood Services.

We have adopted the Clean Neighbourhood and Environment Act 2005 and its associated bylaws and we also have a dog control order. This bylaw makes it an offence for a person in charge of a dog at the time it fouls (not necessarily the owner), not to clean up its faeces in a public place.

Any person committing a breach of the Order will be liable to a Fixed Penalty Notice of £80 or upon prosecution to such fine as is prescribed by section 56(2) of the Act.

Reporting a dog fouling complaint

If you are having a problem with an unsocial dog owner who is letting their dog foul in your area, please contact Streetscene.

If this is a regular occurrence, we need your help. When it comes to enforcement we need to be able to use our time to achieve the best results for all. Therefore, if you know when the owners are likely to be there, please call us with the location, likely times, which way they have come and a brief description of the owner and dog. This type of information can help us tackle this antisocial behaviour and gives us a better chance of success.