Am I homeless?

You are defined as homeless if:

  • you have no accommodation anywhere that you can legally occupy
  • you cannot gain entry to your property
  • it is not 'reasonable' for you to continue living there, taking into account the general housing situation in the area
  • you are at risk of violence if you remain there
  • you are threatened with homelessness if it is likely that you will become homeless within 28 days

We may be able to help you in a variety of ways:

  • don't give up any accommodation without checking what your options and rights are - you may be worse off by leaving
  • we can check your tenancy rights or negotiate with the landlord or the people you are staying with, or helping you sort out debts
  • we may be able to help you find alternative accommodation
  • advise you whether you can accommodated because you are homeless

If you think you are at risk of homelessness in the Spelthorne area you can contact our team. We will need full details of your recent housing, landlord's or places you are staying, tenancy or mortgage payments and any notices you have received.

Independent advice if available from the Citizen's Advice Bureau or Shelter.