Are you facing homelessness?

If you are homeless or facing homelessness within 56 days, you should contact the Housing Options service for advice and assistance

All local authorities must provide or secure the provision of a service to provide, information and advice to help prevent homelessness; secure accommodation when homeless or likely to become homeless and help households gain access to other services which they may need.

In Spelthorne, the Council provides this service that not only means explaining your rights under the law on homelessness, it also includes advice on our housing options, such as how to join the housing register, and how other organisations can help you with needs that may affect your housing. Other agencies that you may be referred to are Citizens Advice, floating support providers, Adult or Children's Social Care and mental health services amongst others.

If you are threatened with homelessness within 56 days, Spelthorne Borough Council (SBC) will provide a service tailored to your needs, which will be assessed at a Housing Options Assessment. Following the assessment you will be given a Personal Housing Plan with steps that both yourself, the Council and other identified agencies are going to follow to enable you to either keep your current housing or access alternative accommodation.

If your households fits into one of the following categories it may be that there are other specific actions that the Council can take to help with this;

  • people leaving prison or youth detention accommodation
  • young people leaving care
  • people leaving the regular armed forces of the Crown
  • people leaving hospital after medical treatment for physical injury or illness or mental illness or disorder as an inpatient
  • people fleeing domestic violence
  • people receiving mental health services in the community

These actions may involve us visiting you in prison or hospital to assess your needs before you leave. It may also involve accessing specific help with other professional agencies that you are dealing with such as welfare officers within the armed forces, or care co-coordinators within mental health services. Whatever your situation, please call us so that we can discuss your housing situation and individual needs and how best to proceed.

How to make initial enquiries

Please call 01784 446383 to speak to a Housing Options Officer. We are available by telephone at the following times:

  • Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday: 9am - 5pm
  • Wednesday: 1 - 5pm

The Housing Options Officer will provide basic advice over the telephone, and advise you if you need to come and see us. If this is the case, we can make an appointment for you. Appointments are available across the week. Whilst there may be a short wait for an appointment, we will always seek to prioritise your case depending on the urgency of your situation.

If you have nowhere to stay and the offices are closed, please call our emergency out of hours on 01784 446383.

If you have any of these documents, you must bring them with you so that we can accurately assess your situation:

  • notice to quit
  • mortgage details and associated correspondence
  • court papers
  • passport or other proof that you are entitled to live in England
  • pregnancy certificate
  • proof of where you have lived during the last five years
  • your tenancy agreement

If you are homeless and 16 or 17 years old, please contact the Youth Homelessness Prevention Service on 01483 519198 or 01483 517898 if outside of office hours or email