Preventing insects in wheelie bins

Top tips to prevent maggots and flies in your wheelie bins

Remember to line your caddy with newspaper, compostable food waste bags or plastic bags.

Good practices to reduce smells and the risk of flies include:

  • composting if possible
  • storing the bin away from direct sunlight
  • keeping the lid closed
  • putting meat and bones in double bags or a food digester
  • reducing the amount of food you throw away, especially in warmer weather
  • rinsing out food containers like cans, polystyrene trays and yogurt pots
  • rinsing your bin regularly and using fly spray, insecticide strips and disinfectant or bleach
  • putting solids from disposable nappies down the toilet and then double bagging (consider using real nappies)
  • leaving cat or dog food out only briefly
  • squeezing air out of bags before placing them in your bin as a lack of air slows down the decomposing process and reduces smells

If you do get maggots, once the bin has been emptied, pour boiling water over flies and maggots to kill them and leave water in the bin to cool before tipping it out. Clean the bin out with disinfectant or bleach as this will help to deter flies in the future.