Air quality - latest reports

A pdf icon review of air quality in Spelthorne [843kb] over the last year (2017) has been prepared for residents of the Borough and is available to download. The latest reports below are prepared by the Council for submission to Government's Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) under its Local Air Quality Management duties.

Annual Status Report - 2018

The pdf icon Annual Status Report [4Mb] is the most recent report prepared by the Council for submission to Defra. This reports on results for 2017. This report has been submitted to Defra. The 2017 Annual Status Report is available on the Past Reports page.

Latest action plan

A new pdf icon action plan [2Mb] is being prepared and will be published later in 2018/19. The current action plan was prepared in 2005. An updated table of action planning measures and progress against them is available in Chapter 2 of the latest Annual Status Report.