The White House Hostel Planning Application

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The White House Hostel Planning Application (relating to the erection of 27 bed and 4 flat hostel with associated parking, servicing and landscaping at the White House, Kingston Road, Ashford, TW15 3SE) was  submitted by Spelthorne Borough Council and the statutory consultation period ends on 3 July 2019 . 

The plans and documents can be viewed^REFVAL^=%2719/00815/FUL%27&history=c1fa60d25e0848d5a3d53e3769289014 and the link also provides access to where comments on the planning application can be made.  A FAQ document is available to view.

However the Planning Department will welcome all comments up to the decision date.  The planning application is currently being processed and will be determined by the Planning Committee in due course. The possible committee meeting dates are 21 August or 18 September.  Anyone who has written to the Planning Department with their comments on this planning application will be advised of the meeting date five days before the meeting is due to be held.