Heathrow's first consultation showed just how much the planned expansion is likely to affect people's day to day lives


Issued: June 2019

The assumption that Spelthorne communities will not be newly impacted by the Heathrow expansion is wrong.

The impact from not only the third runway expansion but also pre-third runway construction on our community will affect all residents through the intensification of low flying aircraft, an increase of flights, noise pollution, heavy goods vehicle usage and environmental damage across our Borough.

Our airspace design is already antiquated and is insufficient and overcrowded and we urge HAL to concentrate on the re-design of the airspace before moving forward with an expansion.

18 months ago we identified how it would newly impact our communities by:

  • airport development brought far closer to homes, families and schools
  • construction, bringing enormous disruption to the local area
  • more flights, both before and after expansion, with associated noise and air quality challenges
  • more traffic coming on to local roads due to planned reconfiguration of routes
  • more airline passengers parking in local roads to avoid airport parking costs
  • more taxi and private hire vehicles waiting in residential roads with associated littering and annoyance to local residents
  • loss of valued open space
  • ecological impact on Staines Moor
  • loss of community spirit
  • effect on property prices and residents being able to sell their homes

Cllr John Boughtflower, Cabinet Member with responsibility for Heathrow expansion, said: "Although the Council has been a long-standing supporter of Heathrow expansion due to the economic benefits, we stand by the fact it is imperative that residents are properly compensated as we care about our communities and the people residing in the Borough.

Whilst we are looking forward to the upcoming consultation, taking place 18 June - 13 September, we would like to take this opportunity to remind HAL to fully consider the Council's 10 requirements and we are eagerly awaiting their full responses to each demand."

Our 10 demands for residents are:

  1. the Wider Property Offer Zone (WPOZ) to be expanded to cover the whole of Stanwell Moor and large parts of Stanwell
  2. parking controls to be put in place in Stanwell Moor and large parts of Stanwell and provide an on-airport taxi/private hire facility
  3. HAL to provide an enhanced multi-purpose community hall for Stanwell Moor and Stanwell Village and a new leisure facility in the locality
  4. no Immigration Removal Centres in the Borough
  5. surface access/public transport measures including to support the light rail scheme being promoted by Spelthorne, new bus routes into Heathrow, support for Spelthorne to be included in Oyster Card zone 6, provide means to minimise vehicle movements, HAL to ensure site and traffic management during construction and cover the cost of any enforcement
  6. air quality must be no worse for residents than it is now but there should be measures to ensure continuous improvement
  7. noise experienced by residents must be no worse than it is now but there should be measures to ensure continuous improvement
  8. no changes to the Borough boundary
  9. night flights should be banned. Spelthorne supports reducing the number of people overflown by aircraft but more information is needed about what this means for residents
  10. Staines Moor should remain undisturbed. Work to redirect the River Colne must not alter the flow or character of the river on the Moor

Spelthorne Borough Council would like to remind our residents this is the Final Public Consultation so please make sure you have your say if you are concerned about the impact on your community, including;

  • noise
  • low flying aircraft
  • traffic and congestion
  • housing
  • your neighbourhood
  • air pollution
  • climate change
  • increase of unscheduled flights at night

This consultation will include the preferred masterplan for the long term expansion of the airport up to 2050 and plans for the third runway, terminals, parkways, revised road layouts and proposed areas for cargo and surface water treatment.

Issued: 4 June 2019