Street litter

Street cleaning request form

Town and village centre areas, together with other heavily used areas, such as by local shops are cleaned either daily or weekly dependant on how busy the areas are. Most other streets in Spelthorne are litter picked at least once every 60 working days.

However there are some other areas which, for a variety of reasons, will only be cleaned as and when resources are available. This is mainly due to the fact that this type of road requires traffic to be controlled before litter clearance can start. These areas are in our programme of work and are dependent on the severity of the litter problem.

Littering  is an offence which can result in a fine of up to £2,500. The Council has powers to require certain types of businesses to reduce the effects of litter attributable to them. More information on the laws controlling litter is available on the EnCams web site.

To report a littered area, please telephone Neighbourhood Services.

Litter bins

There are about 450 street litter bins in Spelthorne. Depending on the location, they are emptied either every day or once a week. Litter bins should not be used for the disposal of household refuse or trade waste. To report a damaged or overflowing litter bin contact Neighbourhood Services on 01784 446411.

Drug related litter

Occasionally syringes and other items relating to drug abuse are improperly discarded. Priority is given to the removal of these items. To report discarded syringes please call Neighbourhood Services, giving as much information as possible.

Neighbourhood Services
Neighbourhood Services
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