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Your home needs alterations and improvements

Disabled Facilities Grant

We work closely with Surrey County Council Occupational Therapy Service, who also have responsibilities to meet the special needs of chronically sick and disabled people. In most cases an occupational therapist will assess the needs of the client and confirm that the works are "necessary and appropriate". They make recommendations, however final grant approval is subject to a number of factors, including the cost and feasibility of the works.

We also work closely with the Spelthorne Home Improvement Agency (LINK) who act as agents for grant applicants, helping them to produce a complete application.

It is important that you receive grant approval before starting any works, as we are not able to pay for any works retrospectively.

Eligible applicants

Any one who is considered disabled can apply for a grant. All applicants are subject to a means test.

Eligible works under the grant scheme

There is a limit on the amount of works that can be considered within a grant application. This limit is set by the Government, and is currently £30,000.

Examples of works which fall within the scheme are:

  • improving access to and from a dwelling/building, for example ramps to front and rear doors (only if reasonable and practicable); parking area in front garden including drive and dropped kerb
  • making a dwelling safe for disabled occupant, for example where disabled client has behavioural problems
  • helping access to the main family room or bedroom, for example widening doors, installation of stairlift/through floor lift
  • helping access to a bath/shower room, for example replace bath with shower, shower over bath, down stairs bath/shower room
  • helping preparation and cooking of food by the disabled occupant, for example modification of kitchen units for wheel chair use, etc
  • improving or providing suitable heating for the disabled occupant, for example replacing coal fire with electric or gas fire, relocating sockets or central heating
  • helping use of power, light or heat by the disabled occupant by altering access or controls, or by providing additional controls
  • helping access around the home to enable the disabled occupant to care for another person, for example widening doors, stairlifts etc

Will I have to pay for the work?

Depending on your financial circumstances, you may be required to contribute towards the cost of any works.

How to apply for a grant

To discuss your requirements in the first instance, please contact either

  • Surrey County Council, Spelthorne Locality Team, EMAIL 01932 795292
  • Spelthorne Home Improvement Agency (managed by A2Dominion), telephone 020 8825 1759

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