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Economic Development

The Economic Development Theme Group advises Spelthorne Together on the economic development content of the Community Plan and the Local Area Agreement and supports their delivery. 

The membership of the group reflects the issues within its remit and includes representatives from:

Economic Development:

We will achieve our aim by working together on three key priorities:

  1. increase the numbers of visitors from outside the borough
  2. develop the economic potential of the River Thames
  3. promote the local economy

The purpose of the Economic Development Group is to provide a forum in which partners can work together to plan services and programmes and oversee their delivery. These activities address a range of issues that aim to transform the local economy:

Supporting initiatives leading to business innovation and productivity gains;

Supporting entrepreneurship, inward investment and business development initiatives; lobbying for investment in local infrastructure

Supporting the sustainable economic development of Spelthorne

Enhance the attraction of towns and other centres in the borough as thriving places to visit, shop and establish new enterprises

Increase the number of students leaving schools and colleges with skills and academic and vocational qualifications that meet business needs.

Develop the wider role of schools and colleges and their focus on community and adult learning

Full details of the work we will do, particularly through the , 'How to do business with the Council' and a variety of other support links, can be found on our .

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