Esso replacement pipeline consultation

Esso is currently consulting on the route of a replacement underground aviation fuel pipeline

Esso is replacing 90km of its underground aviation fuel pipeline from Southampton to the West London Storage Facility in Hounslow and is currently consulting on the proposed pipeline route. This will include parts of Spelthorne.

The consultation, which runs until Monday 30 April 2018, has been sent directly by post to all residents in the Borough that are close to the preferred route. Generally this will be along or close to the existing pipeline but there are some areas where alternative routes are being considered:

  •  In the Chertsey Bridge area
  •  West of Queen Mary Reservoir
  •  Woodthorpe Road, Ashford

Esso has arranged a series of exhibitions near the proposed pipeline corridors where people can meet the team and ask questions. The local one is going to be held on Tuesday 3 April at Ashford Community Centre, Woodthorpe Road, Ashford, TW15 3NJ from 2pm to 8pm.

Key points include:

  • Esso need to install the pipeline on private land, but it will not pass under any existing homes.
  • The pipeline will be buried. Once installed it will be a quiet neighbour.
  • The installation of the pipeline itself should take around one to two months in a location, longer in complex areas - 'location' is not defined.
  • The potential 'corridors' being consulted on are up to 200m wide but the route itself will typically be around 20-30m wide for the installation period.
  • When the new pipeline is operational, the normal approach is to take the old one permanently out of action (decommissioning) by removing all fuel and filling the pipeline with grout.
  • The timelines indicate that they will be developing the preferred route this summer, consulting on the preferred route this autumn, submitting an application (to the Government) in 2019, with a project start date planned for 2021.

Full details are available on their website