Spelthorne has 13 allotment sites covering nearly 20 hectares, 11 managed by the Council and two self-managed

We currently have vacancies at:

  • Ashford Clumps
  • Commercial Road
  • Groveley Road
  • London Road
  • Moor Lane
  • Oakhall

Contact Customer Services for more details.

    The popularity of allotments has increased in recent years with a growing interest in producing your own cheap, freshly grown food and the opportunity to escape, for a short time, from the stresses of everyday life.

    Taking on your own allotment plot can allow you to grow your own fruit and vegetables, experiment with growing new produce, have valuable outdoor exercise, help clear your mind and relieve stress and make new friends and interact with a variety of people.

      Allotment sites

      We have 13 allotment sites in the Borough, 11 are managed by the Council and two are self-managed.

      The self-managed sites are:-

      • Shepperton Village please contact John White 01932 224490 for any vacancies
      • Shortwood North please contact John Hodsdon 01784 251580

      You can find your nearest allotment by using My Spelthorne.

      Allotment sizes

      A rod is a unit of measurement traditionally used for allotment plots. Five rods is approx. 126 square metres 10 rods is approx. 253 square metres. Allotment plots can vary in size but as a guide a full plot is 126 square metres (5 rods).


      The cost varies depending on whether the allotment site has piped water or not. With piped water: £14.50 per 25m2 (rod), without piped waters: £11.50 per 25m2 (rod). The deposit for a key is £20. There is a discount of 50 percent available to the over 60's if they are residents of the Borough.

      Applying for an allotment

      If you are interested in an allotment plot, please complete the online form and we will contact you when a space becomes available.

      Please note that the waiting lists for the following allotment sites are currently closed:

      • Ashford Close
      • Moor Lane, Staines-upon-Thames
      • Stanwell Cemetery
      • The Vineries, Spout Lane, Stanwell Moor