BEFORE reporting a vehicle, please be aware that we are unable to investigate if:

  • the vehicle is taxed and in roadworthy condition. Please check its registration on the DVLA website
  • vehicle on which the tax has expired within the previous four weeks
  • vehicle which has been parked for less than four weeks

Exception: A vehicle which is burnt out, extensively damaged or in a dangerous condition can be immediately reported.

Dangerously or obstructively parked vehicle

The police are responsible for the removal of vehicles dangerously or obstructively parked. Please report to the police by calling 101.

Our parking Team can help if the vehicle is obstructing an entrance with a dropped kerb or parked on yellow lines. Please contact the parking team on 01784 459355.

Untaxed but not abandoned

Many vehicles reported as being abandoned turn out not to be, in which case we will not be able to take any further action. Vehicles in reasonable condition but untaxed or SORN and parked on a public highway can be reported to the DVLA.


If vehicle has no MOT this is a matter for the Police and should be reported to them via calling 101 as above.

Reporting an abandoned vehicle

Report an abandoned vehicle

If you think that the vehicle is abandoned please complete our online form. You will need as a minimum the following information:

  • make
  • model
  • vehicle registration
  • colour
  • length of time at location
  • evidence that vehicle has not moved for period of time ( ie flat tyres, build-up of debris , broken windows)

How we will respond

We aim to investigate reports of abandoned vehicles within a reasonable time and dependent on the outcome of the investigation our authorised contractor may be instructed to remove and dispose of the vehicle.

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