What is an abandoned vehicle?

An abandoned vehicle is:

  • abandoned without authorisation
  • in such a condition that it ought to be destroyed
  • an untaxed vehicle and not necessarily abandoned. This is a matter for the Surrey Police and / or DVLA

Reporting an abandoned vehicle?

Report an abandoned vehicle

First ensure that the vehicle is abandoned and then complete our online form or call Neighbourhood Services.

Any report should include the following:

  • location
  • make
  • colour
  • index no. (car registration) of the vehicle, if any

When a vehicle is reported, it is logged and if no keeper is shown, a current keeper enquiry is sent to DVLA, who should respond within 12 hours.

An officer will visit the scene and place a notice on the vehicle requiring its removal. The vehicle is then photographed as evidence.

Removal of vehicles

Any vehicle in a dangerous position or condition can now be removed within 24 hours. This type of 'end of life' vehicle can be immediately scrapped.

If the vehicle is not dangerous, but still considered to be abandoned and we are unable to contact any keeper, the vehicle can be removed after seven days. This is of course subject to contractor workloads.

There is now no need to retain a vehicle unless it has some value or it is considered that an ownership claim may be made.

Removal of abandoned vehicles is our responsibility.

The cost of dealing with 2,500 reported abandoned vehicles in the Spelthorne area amounts to approximately £20,000 per year.

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