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New Local Plan

Local Plan Update 24 September 2020

Consultation on the Spelthorne Local Plan Preferred Options document took place over 11-weeks between 5 November 2019 and 21 January 2020.  It took the form of Policies and Site Allocations documents setting out the preferred approaches to be considered.  The Council has now published the Icon for pdf Consultation Response document [1.25MB] which sets out the responses to the Preferred Options consultation undertaken by Spelthorne Borough Council as part of its preparation of a new Local Plan.

We are grateful to all of those who took the time to attend one of the presentations or respond to the consultation.  Some of the responses we received have been very detailed and we appreciate the time invested in them.

The responses to this consultation will be used by the Council to assist in preparing its Publication Local Plan (Regulation 19), the next stage of producing the new Plan.  The timetable for the production of the Local Plan is set out in the Local Development Scheme (LDS) which is available online.  It will be updated as necessary.  The Local Plan Task Group are re-examining both site allocations and policy wording and will make recommendations to the Council's Cabinet before public consultation on the next stage of the Local Plan takes place. Following this final consultation the Local Plan will be submitted to the Planning Inspectorate for an Examination in public when those who have requested to can attend and discuss their concerns with the inspector.

Producing the summary of responses has been delayed by officer involvement in the Council's COVID-19 response effort.

The individual consultation responses have now been published online  Officers have not provided a response to each individual.  Please see the Consultation Response document for officer comments.

Public information evenings

We held ten public events to provide further information to residents and other interested parties.  The presentation is available below and audio recordings of the events have been uploaded.  If you have any questions please email

Local Plan - Preferred Options Consultation 2019 FAQs

Local Plan presentation video

For reference and information the presentation on the Local Plan consultation for the Borough, including the preferred options, polices and sites remains online.

Consultation documents

The consultation documents remain available to download:

The Preferred Allocation sites can be viewed from the 'My Maps' tab via 'My Spelthorne'.  Maps of all the sites assessed and the Preferred Allocation sites can also be found on the Evidence Base and Supporting Documents page.

Evidence Base documents

All the evidence base documents can be found on the New Local Plan Evidence Base and Supporting Documents page. 

Background information about the consultation

Spelthorne must plan for 603 new homes per year over a 15-year period as part of the Government's aim to see more housing built.  The first consultation on the Local Plan took place in May and June last year and asked the public to consider options for how Spelthorne will meet its need for housing, gypsy and traveller pitches, employment sites and other uses.  The selection of sites follows the preferred strategy, following previous consultation, to maximise building on land in urban areas such as town centres, particularly Staines-upon-Thames, and to consider releasing some 'weakly performing' Green Belt for development.  This will enable the protection of the Borough's most important green spaces.  If we do not have a viable Local Plan it is much more difficult to control future developments.

Local Development Scheme

Our Icon for pdf Local Development Scheme 2018-2022 [314.23KB] shows the timetable for producing the new Local Plan.  The revised LDS has been agreed to allow for the production of the Staines Masterplan.

Issues and Options Response Document

We carried out our Icon for pdf Spelthorne Issues and Options Consultation Paper [1.84MB] in May and June 2018 and have published our Icon for pdf Issues and Options consultation response document [399.9KB] where you can view the summary responses to our first consultation.  If you have registered on our consultation portal at you can also log in to view the responses in full.

If you are interested in the preparation of the new Local Plan and related documents and wish to be notified about future consultations or events please register at

Please note that whilst the Council will not share or make public the personal information held, responses to consultations cannot be treated as confidential.

Staines Masterplan

Staines-upon-Thames has the opportunity to grow and develop into a thriving town that can take advantage of its close proximity to Heathrow Airport and proposed new public transport schemes likely to enhance its connectivity further. The Staines Masterplan will set a clear vision and strategy for the transformation and regeneration of the centre of Staines, focusing on deliverable outcomes and policies. It is intended to be capable of adoption as a Supplementary Planning Document.

The COVID-19 pandemic has required adjustments to be made to the way the Masterplan will progress. The appointed consultants, David Lock Associates, have already commenced work and were able to have some face-to-face meetings and site visits prior to the lockdown measures being implemented. Work has been able to continue remotely and virtually during this period. Consideration is now being given to how stakeholder and community engagement can take place before lockdown measures are eased further and we will update the website when we have more information. It is still planned for the final version of the Masterplan to be completed by early 2021 unless circumstances induce a delay.

The Local Plan production timetable was revised recently in order for the Staines Masterplan to catch up and enable it to feature as a key document at the time of the next Local Plan consultation in early 2021. This will be a consultation on the final version of the Plan prior to submission for examination (known as Regulation 19). The current Local Development Scheme timetable is above.

Download the Icon for pdf Staines Masterplan Specification [395.11KB]

The Staines Masterplan Working Group has now been appointed. Please see this press release for further information.

Duty to Cooperate
Spelthorne Retail and Other Town Centre Uses Study
Spelthorne Strategic Housing Market Assessment - SHMA
Strategic Land Availability Assessment - SLAA
Green Belt Assessment
New Local Plan Evidence Base and Supporting Documents
Local Plan - Preferred Options Consultation 2019 FAQs

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