You may not have realised but it's actually a parking offence to block a dropped kerb.

A dropped kerb involves kerb stones being lowered and the pavement being strengthened and made into a ramp. This helps people with pushchairs or in wheelchairs to access the road from the pavement more easily. Dropped kerbs also provide vehicle access to private residences from the road.

There are two types of dropped kerbs - those for pedestrians and those for vehicles to access off-street areas.

Pedestrian dropped kerbs

Obstructing pedestrian dropped kerbs can:

  • make it difficult for people with wheelchairs and pushchairs
  • make crossing the road difficult for older and disabled people
  • obstruct the view of motorist turning at junctions

Dropped kerbs for access to off-street areas

Dropped kerbs allow access from the street to off-street areas such as driveways.

We would only actively enforce against obstructing dropped kerbs if this is reported to us by a resident or a business. This is because the vehicle may be parked with their knowledge or permission, in which case it would not be considered an obstruction.

Vehicles parked partially across the dropped kerb may be ticketed. The vehicle does not have to be fully blocking the driveway.

Parking very close to the dropped kerb or directly opposite is not illegal, even if it restricts or impedes access. Unfortunately we cannot deal with these cases.

Off-street dropped kerbs generally serve either a single property or more than one.

Driveways that serve a single property

Providing there is no enforceable yellow line, you and your visitors may park close to this type of driveway without penalty. For this reason, we only enforce upon specific request of the property occupier.

Driveways used by more than one property

These include access to a block of flats or access to some semi-detached properties.

As more than one person may use this type of driveway you cannot park across it (even with permission from an occupier).

We actively enforce against these acts.

To report an offence call the Car Park office.