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Resource Centre craft challenge

Our talented team at the Spelthorne Resource Centre have set a series of challenges to help keep you busy while the Centre is closed.

Please post a photo of your finished masterpieces on our Facebook page and be featured in our gallery, by tagging @spelthorneresourcecentre  

Handy Craft!

Get creative with your hands. Make monsters or animals just using just drawing around your hand and colouring in!
Challenge: Can you create something different to our drawings? We would love to see your handy work! Post them to us on the Resource Centre FB page @spelthorneresourcecentre

hands hands 2 hands 3







It's a bugs life!

There are a variety of wonderful bugs in parks and gardens. To create your own colourful bugs you will need paper, pencil, a lid for body, a smaller lid for wings, colouring pens, scissors and glue.

Start by drawing around the lid for the bug body, cut it out and fold in half (so it can stand up) then draw the eyes and head. Next, draw a pattern on the body and colour in. For the wings, fold a piece of paper, place smaller lid (like a glue stick lid) up to the fold. Draw around and cut out 2 wings together, being careful not to cut where the wing are joined at the fold. Put glue in the fold and stick to the back of your bug.
You can add legs by cutting strips of paper and colouring black. You could also draw a flower or leaf for your bug to land on!
We would love to see the bugs you make. Please post a photograph to us on the Resource Centre Facebook page @spelthorneresourcecentre

bugs bugs 2 bugs 3






Fun finger puppets! Make this adorable family of mice.

You will sheet of white paper, a small plate or bowl to draw around with a pencil, four coloured pens/ pencils, glue, scissors and ruler.

Draw around the plate, divide into quarters with a pencil and ruler, (keep spare paper for ears, tails and whiskers)put glue along one edge and roll into cones.

Now draw teardrop shapes for ears, colour the inside. Cut two thin strips for whiskers and a thicker one for tail, curl the paper around pencil before attaching to inside of cone. Add whiskers, cross your strips and glue under nose, fold teardrop points back and attach to the body for ears. Lastly draw on two little eyes and colour nose!

Bring your little mice to life by placing onto your fingers and wiggle, send us some photos by posting on our Facebook page, tagging @spelthorneresourcecentre.

mice mice 2 mice 3






What can you make out of a paper chain? We made snakes!

You will need coloured or plain white paper strips (you can create your own patterns on them), glue and scissors.
Stick strips together to make a chain - how long can you make yours?! Cut out head, eyes and tongue. Or can you make something else with the paper chain?

snake snake 2






Have a whale of a time!

Making this cute baby Whale. We used a section of an egg carton, blue paint, card for tail and fins, paper to draw eyes, pipe cleaner plus glue, scissors and pen .

We would love to see your baby Whale or any other character you could make from an egg carton.

whale whale 2






Create a Panda picture!

To create this cute panda we tore the newspaper to make the head, ears and leaves and stuck it on a piece of paper. Then coloured in the eyes, nose, mouth and leaves with colouring pens and pencils.

Try making one at home. Can you make a different animal?








Ride like the wind! With your very own Cherokee Indian puppet 

You will need some cardboard for horses head, ribbon, string or wool for harness. Remnants of coloured card for feathers. Scissors, glue, pens, a stick (one from outdoors will do) and sellotape .

Draw and cut out horses head, draw on eye, nostril and colour mane. Then tie ribbon around nose, take across neck, hook around mane and tie. For feathers cut out shape and snip into sides diagonally to create feather like edge. Group together as seen, stick below ears with a strip of hand drawn design.

Attach stick to back with sellotape. Why not make yourself a headdress too by using a strip of card and same feathers !

pony pony 2






Make your own Lovable Lion!

You will need, card inner tube from a kitchen roll, thin card, magazine, felt pens, scissors, sellotape and glue.

Start be cutting your cardboard kitchen tube into 3. Take one piece of tube for the lions body (keep the other two incase you want to make more lions!) and colour it using yellow and orange felt tips or pencils. Place the lions tube body on card, draw around, cut out the two circles for the head and rear. Using remaining card cut out ears, four paws and a tail, colour them yellow. Draw a face on the lions head and stick on the ears. Get the magazine and cut thin strips from pages that have yellow, orange or brown images (if you don't have one cut strips of paper and colour with pens). Stick strips to back of head to create your lions mane and add some to the end of the tail too! Glue or sellotape pieces together to make your lion.

Finally, can you give it a ROAR!!! Have fun and post us a picture of your lion, we would love to see it!

Lion Lion 2 Lion 3




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