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Absence from home

If you are temporarily absent from home you may be treated as occupying your dwelling for up to 13 weeks.

This rule can be extended to 52 weeks in special cases only.

The 13 week rule only applies if there is intention to return to the property and the particular part of the property which you normally occupy is not sublet during the absence.

If the Department of Work and Pensions have cancelled your benefit due to "Gone Abroad" - because you are on holiday - you may need to apply for benefit/support and you will be asked to show your income for that period.

Cases where benefit/support can be considered for 52 weeks absence from home.

  • persons detained in custody on remand, or pending trial or sentence
  • persons residing in bail hostel as condition of bail
  • persons resident in hospital or similar institution
  • persons receiving medical attention, care or convalescence (must be "approved")
  • persons undertaking approved training
  • persons providing care for a child where the parent or guardian is receiving medical treatment
  • vulnerable students
  • persons in fear of violence (ie, in a refuge)
  • persons receiving residential care (temporary respite care) but NOT accommodated on a trial basis with the possibility of permanent residence

REMEMBER you must notify the Council of any absence from home exceeding three weeks as soon as you are able and seek advice on how to continue your claim. Please write, e-mail or telephone the Benefit Office.

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