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Leisure Centre location

Land near Spelthorne Leisure Centre
Arial map of land around Spelthorne Leisure Centre

Following the Council's decision to abandon plans for a new leisure facility in Staines Park, we are considering a location close to the existing centre. It is necessary to identify a location which is:

  • already owned by the Council as the costs involved in acquiring land to build the new centre would preclude development
  • large enough to accommodate all the facilities required in the new centre
  • not within the Green Belt
  • provides a central location, easily accessible by a large number of the Borough's residents (on foot, by public transport and by car)

It was also necessary to consider a number of other factors which could affect the location of the site including:

  • the site's proximity to the Council's Sunbury Leisure Centre and the current Spelthorne Leisure Centre
  • other planning issues and environmental site constraints
  • any potential need to relocate existing site users 
  • visibility of the site, synergies with surrounding land uses and the Council's regeneration plans
  • the sensitivity of the site to any proposed development

The proposed site is considered to be the best alternative location for the new centre which would not affect any designated parks, leisure centres, recreation grounds or other significant community uses in the Borough. It would also enable a phased development of the site to allow continuity of service for leisure users.

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