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Letting conditions for parks and open spaces

1.Every application for the use of a park or open space must be made at least fourteen days before the date of the event on the Spelthorne booking portal which can be found on our website.
2.The hirer/organiser must state clearly in the application the purpose of hire. The park/open space shall not be used for any other purpose.
3.The benefit and obligation of the hiring may not be transferred to any person not identified as the hirer/organiser on the application form.
4.The organisation and hirer/organiser whose names appear on the application form shall be deemed to be the hirer and shall be responsible for compliance with all rules, regulations or requirements made or laid down from time to time by the Council in respect of the use of the park/open space and shall be deemed to be the responsible person nominated to be in charge of the event during any public or private entertainment for which the park/open space is hired to him/her.
5.The event must be kept within the confines of the park/open space as directed by the Group Head of Community Wellbeing or their appointed representative.
6.No vehicles or equipment belonging to the organisers to obstruct any adjacent public highway.
7.Apparatus or equipment, other than Council property, brought onto the park/open space by the organiser must be removed at the close of the event unless otherwise agreed by the Council or the Group Head of Community Wellbeing or their appointed representative.
8.The hirer/organiser shall be responsible for ensuring that the park/open space shall be left in a clean and tidy condition at the close of the event.
9.The hirer/organiser shall ensure that there is no disorderly conduct within the park/open space and that   nothing contrary to sobriety, decency and good manners is performed, exhibited, represented or transacted therein and no activity shall be permitted which may be or become a nuisance or annoyance to the Council or the owners or occupiers of any adjoining property.
10.No glass bottles or glass containers shall be used or issued to members of the public in the sale of refreshments.
11.The hirer/organiser must not charge an entrance fee to the event or restrain in any other way access to members of the public to the park/open spaces without prior consent of the Council in writing.
12,All statutory and other provisions, bylaws and regulations for the time being in force must be observed as applicable to the park/open space unless specified in writing by the Council.
13,The ground must be left in a satisfactory condition in the opinion of the Group Head of Community Wellbeing or their representative. In the event of damage being caused, the cost of any repairs or restoration will charged to the hirer/organiser.
14.The council has granted exclusive rights for the sale of light refreshments, ie food, soft drinks, ice cream, etc., under license, in respect of Laleham park, adjoining riverside lands and Ashby Lammas Recreation Ground. Applicants whose organisations wish to provide all or any of these items must make arrangements with the Council's Licensee whose name and address will be supplied upon request at the time of the application.
15.The person whose name appears on the application must be a person over eighteen years of age and will be deemed to be the Hirer/Organiser.
16.In the event of any damage to the Park/open space during the period of hire or at any other time during which the Hirer/Organiser or any person associated with him/her the expense of replacing or making good the same shall be borne by the Hirer.
17.During the period of letting the use of the Park/open space shall be subject, at all times, to the requirements of the Council's Director of Community Services, or their appointed representative.
18.The Hirer/Organiser shall undertake formal consultation as to the holding of the event with the local Police, Fire Service and Director of Community Services at least three weeks before its commencement. The last mentioned consultation only being required where food or drink is to be provided at the event. Any advice given by this officer is only intended to provide information and assistance on an informal basis.
19.Any cost incurred by the Council in calling the Police or other emergency services to the premises shall be borne by the hirer.
20.If the Hirer/Organiser omits or refuses to comply with these conditions or with any reasonable instructions given him/her by the Head of Customer and Office Services, or designated officer, for the time being he/she and any person/s associated with him/her may be excluded from the premises until he/she complies with the same but without relieving him/her from their other obligations under this Agreement. The Council shall be entitled to retain for their own use and benefit any monies paid by way of deposit, and to sue for any balance outstanding.
21.Notice of Cancellation in writing must be received by the Head of Customer and Office Services at least seven days prior to the event.
22.No Hirer/Organiser will permit the giving of any live animal as a prize, including goldfish.
23.No lighting of fires, unless permission granted by the Borough of Spelthorne.
24.No swimming in any river which runs through or borders the ground belonging to the Borough of Spelthorne.
25.Where scheduled closing times are in force, the event should have ended and the park vacated by the time stated. If the organiser wishes to extend this time they shall be liable for any costs incurred.
26.In no circumstances shall the Council accept responsibility for the loss, theft, and damage of or to any goods or property of the Hirer or any visitor to the premises.
27.The Hirer/Organiser shall indemnify the Council, their officers and servants against all costs; claims or damage arising from or in connection with the holding of the event at the Park or open space.
28.It is now compulsory for all Hirers/Organisers to have Public Liability Insurance for a minimum indemnity limit of £2 million. A copy of the certificate of insurance and a receipt for payment of the last premium must be sent with the completed Application Form to Borough of Spelthorne, Customer Service, Council Offices, Knowle Green, Staines, Middlesex, TW18 1XB. Failure to produce copies of these documents will result in the cancellation of the event without prior notice.


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