Food complaints brought to the Council's attention will be investigated for evidence of physical, chemical or biological contamination. If the food is mislabelled or it is a quality issue then Surrey County Council's Trading Standards team enforce the law and we will pass the complaint to them for investigation.

If you are unsure who the enforcement agency is, please contact us and we will ensure that the correct people receive your complaint.

Making a complaint

When you make a complaint, we need to know:

  • your name, address, telephone contact numbers (mobile, home and work) and email address
  • the identity and contact address of the person who discovered the cause of the complaint, if it was not you
  • as much detail as possible about the food, where you bought it, when, the condition of the packaging etc
  • the history to the point of discovery, did you have it delivered, did you buy it and take it home and where/how was the product was stored
  • what you have done with it and any treatment (eg refrigeration or cooking) it has undergone while in your possession
  • the name and address of any witnesses who were present when you discovered the problem
  • any ill effects or any injuries that were suffered
  • whether you have been to hospital or contacted your doctor
  • any contact you have had with the vendor or manufacturer
  • any evidence you have including packaging, the complaint item, left over food, receipts etc

Most complaints are dealt with informally. In the event that the investigating officer is confident that an offence has been committed, appropriate evidence is available and the company do not have a proper defence, formal action will be considered; this may be issuing a Formal Caution or prosecution, having regard to the Spelthorne Council Enforcement Policy.

Time scales

If you want to know what is happening with your complaint, please do not hesitate to contact the investigating officer quoting  the complaint reference number that you will have been given.


We are not in a position to obtain compensation for you from the companies involved, nor are we able to pursue claims for personal injury. If you feel a claim is appropriate, you are recommended to seek legal advice as soon as possible.

Commercial Team - areas cover food and health and safety
Commercial Team - areas cover food and health and safety
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