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How to make a planning application

A lot of information is contained on our planning pages, in the planning policy documents and other guidance which is available to view or download.

We encourage you to look at this first before undertaking any detailed work on a proposal.

Please note: Some planning applications which create additional floorspace may be liable to a Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) charge.  Please see our CIL webpage for further information.

Invalid Planning Applications

Applicants are advised that on receipt of a planning application, the proposal will be checked to establish whether the application is valid in accordance with the . If the planning application is found to be invalid, applicants will receive notice of the information required to enable the proposal to be valid. A period of 21 days will be given for the required information to be submitted. In the event that the application remains invalid after 21 days, it will be lapsed and a new planning application will be necessary. A written requested will need to be made by the applicant for any planning fee to be refunded. The refund will be via the original method paid (Planning Portal or the Council) and 25% will be retained by the Council for administration purposes.

Planning application forms
Advice on making a planning application
How to apply for planning
Appeals against planning decisions
Planning Committee Meetings
Viability Assessments

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