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Tenants information

Spelthorne Rent Assure - Tenants

Spelthorne Rent Assure (SRA) is a relatively new guarantee rent scheme for landlords who are interested in renting their local property through the Council.

Tenant FAQs

Who can apply?

To be eligible for the scheme you must have a local connection, be homeless or threatened with homelessness, and have no other way of securing other accommodation.

We will check your housing history and financial circumstances with you and ensure you are aware of the responsibilities of being a tenant.

How do I apply?

If you think you meet all the criteria, apply to the Housing Options team for a homelessness assessment. Call 01784 446383 or visit the Housing Options desk at Spelthorne Council.

How do I find a property?

Many landlords have contacted Spelthorne Rent Assure directly and as soon as a suitable property is available, we will alert you.

However you may also contact other landlords directly to find a property. If you find a possible landlord and property please contact our Spelthorne Rent Assure team on 01784 448611 to give them the details and we will contact them further to see if the property is suitable for the scheme.

Who will my landlord be?

You will be renting directly from a private landlord. Spelthorne Rent Assure collects the rent and pays it on to your landlord. However, your tenancy is directly with the private landlord (Spelthorne Council is not your landlord).

How much am I expected to pay?

You are responsible for the whole contractual rent in your tenancy. You may get help with your rent from Housing Benefit, Universal Credit or Spelthorne Rent Assure discretionary assistance. We will help you to claim this assistance but it is your responsibility to make and follow up any claims. You are always responsible for the full rent. When you join the scheme we will assess your financial circumstances with you and give you a detailed summary of the help you could receive and what you will have to pay.

A Guide for Tenants

Spelthorne Rent Assure - Guide for Tenants

The Council Rent Assure scheme helps households with a local connection to the Spelthorne area find a property in the private rented sector.

The Council will introduce landlords to prospective tenants and draw up tenancy and rent guarantee agreements to assist the placement. Tenants will be expected to attend a training session on how to be a good tenant. Tenants will be expected to pay their element of the rent directly to the Council on a monthly basis. This will be explained prior to the placement.

How do tenants apply?

Applicants must be living or working in Spelthorne or have a local connection with the Borough through immediate family members.

Applicants are normally facing homelessness or are already homeless through no fault of their own, currently living in unsuitable accommodation or in bed and breakfast.

Households will be on low income and will not have a means of raising a deposit themselves. They must be eligible or in receipt of part or full Housing Benefit.

Applicants will be required to attend a training session covering expectations of their role as a tenant and how to manage their bills and other finances.

Rent Collection Agreement

The tenant and Spelthorne Council will sign a Rent Collection Agreement and the tenant agrees to pay their rent, directly to the Council on a monthly basis. The Council will then pay the landlord directly.

In addition the tenant will sign up to an Assured Shorthold Tenancy agreement with the landlord.

Tenancy support

Before a property is accepted onto our scheme, a Housing Officer will visit and check it is of a suitable standard and condition.

Your tenancy is direct with your private landlord and they will manage the property including inspections and repairs.

The Council will provide advice and support to tenants before and during the tenancy.

Regular tenancy sustainment visits are undertaken by the Council to support tenants and to ensure that you are managing well.

What we expect of tenants

Tenants under the Rent Assure Scheme are expected to:

  • abide by the terms of your tenancy agreement and comply with the tenancy training programme on placement
  • pay all rent due directly to the Council in accordance with the Rent Collection Agreement
  • keep in contact with their landlord and the Rent Assure Scheme staff as appropriate
  • advise the Rent Assure Scheme and Housing Benefits section immediately should they experience any change in their family circumstances
  • complete any Housing Benefit forms and submit evidence required promptly to ensure continued payments

Tenant's obligations are set out in more detail in the Scheme Agreements

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