BiodegradablePlant or animal sources that break down through natural processes (by bacteria)
CompostPlant or animal sources which when decomposed can be added to earth as a fertiliser to improve its quality
Household wasteRubbish thrown in your bins at home and collected by the council
Kerbside collectionAny regular collection of rubbish, recycling, food waste, garden waste, textiles and electricals from the kerbside of a property
Landfill site

Rubbish is often put in a hole in the ground - usually an old quarry. Landfill has many negative impacts including the release of gas when materials breakdown. Space is rapidly running out for new sites and existing landfill is filling up quickly.

MRF - Materials Recycling FacilityThis is the destination for recycling from households (plastic bottles, cardboard, paper cans and glass). The recycling is sorted into different materials through a combination of machines and people sorting into different types. The process also compresses the recyclables before transferring them for reprocessing.
Recyclable materialsIncludes many kinds of glass, plastic, metal, paper, textiles and electronics. These can be turned from 'used' materials into new products.
ReductionWasting less so reducing the amount of rubbish created.
Re-useThe act of using an item more than once, for example, we provide reusable recycling bags and many supermarkets have 'long life' bags that can be used over and over again.
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