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Naming and numbering of properties and streets

The Council is authorised to name or rename any road, either public or private.

We consult with the Royal Mail and the developer to ensure that suitable names are chosen.

The types of street that are named and numbered range from new large developments with many roads to smaller developments of just a few houses.

Developers contact the authority to request an address once building work has started. Developers may suggest names for roads themselves, which are considered, bearing in mind that a preference has been expressed for local historic names. We ask for three proposals in order of preference, so that the Council's standard consultation procedure with the Post Office and ward councillors may be implemented. House numbers are allocated once the road name has been agreed. Confirmation of the postal address and layout plans for door numbers are sent to the developer, the Royal Mail, emergency services and utility companies. The Royal Mail will then assign a postcode.


Number of propertiesCharge from April 2019
Single property£91
Two to five properties£129
Six to 10 properties£182
Over 10 properties£182 plus £2 per additional property to a maximum of £300
Renaming property£56 per property

Please complete the online form which will allow you to make a payment with a credit or debit card or print the form and return to Building Control if you are paying by cheque.

Street naming and numbering application form

Changing a house name

You will need to contact the Council in writing stating:

  • the existing name and address of the property
  • the proposed new name plus a second choice
  • when the change will take effect

The Royal Mail will then be consulted. If your preferred name is not acceptable then your second choice will be considered. Once confirmation has been received that the change is acceptable the Council will:-

  • send an acknowledgement letter to you
  • notify various services including emergency services

Adding a house name

House names can be added to properties that have already been officially numbered but the number must be retained in the address and displayed on the property. The Council can enforce this requirement.

New properties

If a new property is added to an existing street the next logical number is used. However, if the property is not located in a numbered street then the owner will be asked to suggest a name. The Royal Mail is then consulted and the process is the same as changing a house name.

Street name plates

The Council is responsible for providing street name plates unless it is a new development where the developer will be asked to install the name plates to the Council's specification. The Council is responsible for repair or replacement of street name plates.

Please contact Neighbourhood Services.

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