Spelthorne Borough Council has welcomed Heathrow's announcement that it intends to meet, and in many cases, exceed, the conditions set out in the Airports Commission's recommendation for Heathrow expansion.

With many of the Borough's residents employed at the airport or in related industries, Spelthorne has been a long-standing supporter of Heathrow. As part of the consultation led by the Davies Commission, the Council voiced its support for an expanded Heathrow on the proviso that certain environmental conditions be met.

In March this year, the Leaders of Spelthorne and Slough Council wrote an open letter to the Times newspaper reiterating their support for an expanded Heathrow and stressing the economic benefits the airport brings to the boroughs: "We will continue to encourage the airport to do more to reduce its impacts but we support the skills and benefits that Heathrow expansion would bring to our Boroughs."

Speaking after the announcement, Cllr Ian Harvey, Leader of Spelthorne Council, said: "We welcome the announcement and believe it offers a good outcome for residents. Heathrow is a key player in the Spelthorne area and contributes so much to the prosperity of the Borough. The airport represents an important source of employment for local residents and, as such, we want to see it expand in a way that is sympathetic to the environment and the needs of the local community."

For more details about Heathrow's announcement, visit http://mediacentre.heathrow.com/pressrelease/details/81/Expansion-News-23/6296

Issued: May 2016