Complaints Service Heathrow offers a noise complaints service which aims to provide full and comprehensive information to residents on how they are affected by Heathrow's operations.

Aircraft noise complaints can be made to the Heathrow Community Relations team via their online form, by emailing or by calling 0800 344844. They will record all complaints received and aim to respond to all complaints within five working days (providing that the necessary contact details are provided).

The expansion will inevitably lead to changes to where and how planes fly in the future and so Heathrow is working closely with the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) and other key stakeholders to develop shared objectives for modernising airspace.

Spelthorne Borough Council recognises that as part of the Airspace Modernisation Strategy, Heathrow's principles will seek to limit and reduce the impacts of aircraft noise. Therefore, the Council is encouraging all residents who will potentially be affected by noise generated by planes using Heathrow's flight paths to have their say throughout the design process.

More information about all UK airspace change proposals can be found on the the Civil Aviation Authority website.

To get involved and have your say visit:

Heathrow Community Noise Forum

Other Forums and Organisations