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Private rented accommodation

Renting privately can be the most realistic housing option given the extremely limited supply of social housing in this area.

Help to find a property and help with associated financial issues

If we accept that we owe you a Prevention or Relief duty, we will help you to find private rented accommodation. We have two private rented sector schemes:

  • - where we work with select landlords to guarantee their rent. We collect the rent from you on behalf of the landlord
  • Spelthorne Rent Deposit Scheme - where we provide you with a bond deposit and rent in advance to access private rented accommodation, usually which you have found yourself

The amount of help you can get depends on your age, the size and location of the property and your family circumstances.

For guidance on Local Housing Allowance rates if you are renting in Spelthorne please visit our Housing Benefit pages.

Please be aware that in most cases you will need to pay a deposit either to the landlord or the letting agent.  The landlord may also request the first months rent in advance. If you find a property via a letting or estate agent you may also be charged an administration fee.

Before you pay out any money at all please make sure you can afford it. Private sector rents are often more expensive than social housing rents.  If you are on a low income you can usually get some help, see above. Please contact the Housing Options team if you are unsure if you can afford the rent on a property which you are about to accept.

Help for single and childless couple applicants to access private rented accommodation

We fund Spelthorne Rentstart, an independent charity which supports single and childless couples to access accommodation in the private sector.

For further information and details of how to contact them visit the Spelthorne Rentstart website.


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