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Local Housing Allowance

Rates for Spelthorne

From April 2020- March 2021WeekMonth
Shared accommodation rate eg single person under 35£ 109.71£ 476.72
One bedroom rate£ 195.62£ 850.02
Two bedroom rate£ 253.15£1100.00
Three bedroom rate£ 310.68£1349.98
Four bedroom rate£ 407.34£1769.99


All Local Housing Allowances claimed by people living in Spelthorne will be based on these rates for this year.

For more information about Local Housing Allowance (LHA), please call 01784 446374.

The following Local Housing Allowance changes affect customers whose Housing Benefit is calculated from the LHA. LHA is for people who:

  • rent from a private landlord (eg not a Housing Association such as Rosebery), and
  • have moved or made a new claim since April 2008

The LHA rates will be reviewed annually from 1 April of each year.

Each LHA rate capped

Each month for every area the Valuation Office Agency set an LHA rate for different sized accommodation. Housing Benefit is then calculated using the rate for an appropriately sized property and unless there is a change in family size, that rate continues to be used for the whole financial year (April to March). You can see what area you live in and how many bedrooms your require on the Valuation Office website.

From April 2011, each rate will be capped to a weekly maximum of:

1 bedroom = £250
2 bedroom = £290
3 bedroom = £340
4 bedroom = £400

though the LHA rate itself may be lower than these. Housing Benefit will then be calculated from the lowest of your rent, the actual LHA rate or the capped LHA rate.

LHA rate limited to four bedroom accommodation Appropriately sized accommodation is decided with regard to the number and ages of the people in the household. You can find out more on the Valuation Office Agency website.

From April 2011 the maximum LHA rate will be limited to that of four bedroom accommodation and the four bedroom rate will be capped at a maximum of £400 per week. Therefore, Housing Benefit will be based upon the lowest of the rent, the actual four bedroom LHA rate or £400 per week - even if your household size requires more than four bedrooms. Any household requiring more than four bedrooms would be limited to the four bedroom rate. If your rent is higher than the LHA rate your benefit will be calculated from the LHA rate.

Carer's room allowance

Housing Benefit is calculated with regard to the number of bedrooms a customer and their family require. Before April 2011 no allowance could be made for a non-resident carer. However, with effect from April 2011, if you are disabled and have a carer who does not live with you but is required to stay overnight we may be able to increase your benefit in respect of the additional bedroom you need for them. If you think this might apply to you please contact the Council's Benefits Section.

Changes in circumstance

The amount of benefit you receive still depends on things such as your income and capital - and those of the people living with you. Therefore you must ensure you advise us of any changes immediately. Any delay may cause overpayments and a loss of benefit.

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