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The Council Offices remain closed to the public. We are continuing to deliver services to the community. Contact us here

Land and property owned by us

Asset Management is responsible for the land and property owned by Spelthorne Council. Contact us by email or Asset Management Administration on 01784 446236 .


It is the responsibility of Asset Management to know what land and property is owned, how much it costs to maintain and whether it makes a contribution to what we do. From this we make decisions on what improvements or investments are made, what maintenance is needed and what we recommend is bought or sold.

What do we own?

The Council owns a range of land and buildings. Sustainability are responsible for planning how the land is used and Neighbourhood Services are responsible for the maintenance of the land.

Asset Management are responsible for planning how the buildings are used and for keeping them well maintained and safe. The responsibility for the day-to-day upkeep of the buildings belongs to the Neighbourhood Services team.

Land or property typeServices delivered from this assetContact/link
Community centres x 4Older People's ServicesTerry Collier
Leisure Centres x 2Sports and LeisureTerry Collier
Public halls x 3LeisureTerry Collier
86 Parks and recreation grounds/open spacesSustainabilityJackie Taylor
Children's play areas x 31SustainabilityJackie Taylor
War memorials x 6SustainabilityJackie Taylor
Allotments - 900 plotsSustainabilityJackie Taylor
Cemeteries and cremationsNeighbourhood ServicesJackie Taylor
Depot x 1Waste and recycling, grounds maintenance of parks and council buildingsJackie Taylor
Car Parks x 3 multi storeySustainabilityJackie Taylor
Public conveniences x 5SustainabilityJackie Taylor
Council Offices x 1Planning and Development, Building Control, Environmental Health, Council Tax, Housing Benefit, Housing Options, Leisure Services, Independent Living, Sustainability, Electoral ServicesPlease see links to the other pages
Staines Central areaTown Centre - ElmsleighLinda Norman

Frequently asked questions

Q. What do we own?

A. We can tell from our mapping system what is owned by us. Please email or contact Asset management administration on 01784 446236

Q. I live in (for example) 24 Acacia Avenue, does the Council own the land opposite?

A. As above please contact Asset Management Administration.

Q Can I rent some grazing land?

A. There is a waiting list for grazing land, but you may apply by contacting Asset Management Administration as above

Q. Does the Council lease a certain property out to a third party, and who are they?

A. This is a question which the Asset Management Administration team can answer- please contact as above

Q There is a fault or damage to a building that is owned by the Council, what should I do?

A. You can report this to the Neighbourhood Services team who do emergency repairs to buildings the Council own. See the links above

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