Applications for the Council's annual revenue grants 2019-20 are now invited.

Apply for a grant

The Council operates an annual grant award process for providing financial support to local voluntary groups, clubs and individuals.

The grant is designed to help with the annual running costs for non-profit making organisations as well as for one off expenses, events or activities. Individuals may also apply if they are setting up a community activity/event that will benefit Spelthorne residents.

Applications are considered in the autumn of each year, for grants to be paid in the following April. To register a request for funding please submit your application using the online form.

The award of a grant in previous years gives no guarantee of funding for future years.

We are always seeking to raise the profile of the grants awarded and successful applicants should be prepared to appear in any publicity.

For further information call the Community Development Team.

Grants criteria

One of the vital roles undertaken by local authorities such as Spelthorne is to promote partnership arrangements with local voluntary organisations to ensure local needs are met. 

The Council cannot hope to meet all needs within the current financial framework, but with limited financial resources available for grants we are able to assist the many organisations working within the Spelthorne area to meet the needs of our community.

The Council has streamlined the application and allocation system for grants. All applications will now be considered by a panel administering a single budget comprising of what was formerly the annual revenue grants, sports, arts and leisure grants.

Grants for annual revenue purposes and one off events/activities will be decided in the previous autumn and paid at the start of the relevant financial year. Grants for other purposes such as events, equipment, training etc may be allocated throughout the year, starting from April.

The Council has adopted a standard form of criteria, which will apply to all types of grants. These are set out below.

  • annual accounts are to be submitted by all applicants, together with information relating to the current bank/building society balances and liabilities
  • an indication must be given as to the number of Spelthorne residents who are involved in or directly benefit from the activities of the applicant
  • a report for monitoring purposes must be submitted at the end of the financial year or after the event has taken place, indicating how the grant has helped the applicant to achieve its stated objectives
  • applicants must clearly state what other sources of funding have been applied for, whether successful or otherwise
  • preference will be given to applicants whose work supports delivery of the Council's priorities (outlined in the Corporate Plan) and enhances the quality of life in the borough. Examples include:
    • supporting children and young people
    • supporting independent living
    • health and wellbeing
    • community involvement
    • priority will be given to those organisations supporting the vulnerable and less fortunate in the borough
  • the award of a grant in one year is no guarantee of funding in future years
  • the Council should be acknowledged and identified in all publicity relating to the activity/event for which an award has been made.  In addition, successful applicants should be prepared to appear in press releases, photographs etc for the Council
  • grant aid will only be given to non-profit organisations
  • grants of £15,000 and over will be subject to a Service Level Agreement