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Council grants

Applications for the Council's annual revenue grants 2021-22 are open between 19 October  and 16 November 2020.

Apply for a grant using our online form

Word and PDF versions of the application form are available under the Downloads area.

Our commitment to our community

Spelthorne Borough Council is committed to assisting, where possible, local organisations that are charitable or not for profit.  It will consider applications from local voluntary groups, clubs and individuals.

Our grants fund cannot provide funding for all who apply and difficult decisions need to be made to decide which applicants should receive funding.  This often means that some who provide very valuable services and support are unsuccessful.  Or only receive part of what they have requested.

When we refuse an applicant grant funding we will endeavour to try and signpost them to alternative funding available.

Those that are successful are required to provide information regarding how the grant has assisted them.  This is not meant to be onerous and is proportionate to the amount of funding.  For smaller organisations this might include photographs of equipment purchased, being used and or case studies of people assisted as a direct result of funding.  For organisations receiving larger grants we require more performance information and for those receiving over £15,000 we require an SLA and regular monitoring of delivery of the agreed objectives. 

COVID - 19

Spelthorne are mindful that the third sector have shown exceptional resolve in assisting the community in their time of need.  We are truly grateful for the time, the generosity and the effort made.  We could not have achieved alone what we achieved together.  Thank you.

Existing grant recipients

The Grant's panel would like to advise all existing grant recipients that we are aware that due to the pandemic and Government restrictions, some organisations may not have been able to deliver their services as they had previously done so.  They may have had to stop providing some services, changed the way others are provided and started up new provision as a response to the pandemic.

Where this is the case please let us know how your services have changed, and how to date, you have spent the grant allocated to you during 2020-2021.  Please also advise us how you are planning to spend any residual amount during the rest of the year.

New applicants

If you are applying for a new grant for the year 2021-2022, we ask that you provide detail as to how you have responded to the COVID - 19 pandemic and how you can continue to be responsive to the needs of the Spelthorne Community whilst complying with the statutory duties being imposed.

Our values and priorities

Those applying for grant funding are asked how they support Spelthorne's values and priorities.

Our values are:


Our Corporate Priorities are:

  • Housing
  • Economic Development
  • Clean and safe Environment
  • Financial Stability

View our Icon for pdf Corporate Plan [1.85MB].  Please note that this plan is due for review.

Who will be considered for our grants application?

In order to be considered by the grants panel you will need to evidence how you meet our criteria.

These requirements might seem onerous but we receive many more applications then we can approve and therefore we need to ensure that the organisations we award a grant to, are making a difference with the public funding we award them.  We appreciate that we could not deliver these services ourselves and it is therefore essential that we support organisations that deliver these fundamental services.

It may be a case that you are not successful when you apply to us, despite meeting the criteria, or only receive partial funding.  Where this is the case we will try and signpost you to other sources of funding that may be able to assist you in your aims.

Criteria for applicants

In order to be considered by the grant's panel you will need to demonstrate how you meet each of our criteria.  This does not mean that meeting these criteria will guarantee you will be successful but it means that your application will be considered.

The criteria that you MUST meet are:

a)    You are a voluntary or charitable organisation.  We also consider applications from not for profit organisations.

b)    You are located in Spelthorne and you provide services for people in Spelthorne.

c)    You support Spelthorne Borough Council's vision and comply with at least one of our key aims.

d)    That you are financial stable but are also not carrying large balances.

e)    That you are not applying for multiple financial support for the same objective.  (Unless you are specifically requesting grant match funding).

f)     That you can evidence the need and your ability to meet that need for what you are aiming to achieve.

g)    That you can evidence clearly how success will be measured and how you will monitor achievement.

h)    That you have been able to flex and adapt your service provision as a response to emerging need and in particular as a result of COVID -19;

The process

Applications will be accepted between  19 October and 16 November 2020. Applications will not be considered outside of this time period.  If you are awaiting crucial information to support your application we suggest you apply and enclose a cover letter explaining what information is missing and when it will be available.

Once applications have been received they will be reviewed to ensure that they meet the criteria.  Where applicants do not meet the criteria they will be told that their application cannot be taken further and signposted to other potential financial support available to assist delivery of your objectives.

If it is obvious that an error has been made and crucial information has mistakenly been omitted, and where we are able, we will endeavour to contact you to give you the opportunity to provide the missing information.

It is important to note that unfortunately meeting the criteria does not guarantee you will receive a grant.  Spelthorne Borough Council receive numerous applications from worthy organisations and with regret we cannot offer grants to all.  The applications received within the specified time limit and those evidencing that they meet our criteria will be considered by a panel.

In exceptional cases we may ask you for further information or clarification during the panel's consideration of your application.  The panel does not have the final say and makes recommendations to be considered by Cabinet and then approved by our Council.  We are required to follow this process as we are using public money and need to follow due process.  This is why we open the grants applications many months before the financial year starts.

For information on other grants that might be available, or for assistance with the application please contact Voluntary Support North Surrey

The final decision and payment

The panel may decide to recommend to Cabinet:

a)    That your organisation gets awarded the full amount applied for.

b)    That your organisations receives a partial and lower award than applied for.

c)    That your organisation has been unsuccessful for the current year.

Where we are unable to provide you with any grant funding, or in some cases a smaller amount than you applied for, we will endeavour to signpost you to potential other funding sources in order to help you achieve your outcomes.  In the cases of a partial award we will help review what is achievable with the smaller amount of funding awarded.

We will write to you with the decision at the end of February / beginning of March.  It is anticipated that the funding will be paid into the relevant account by the 1 April 2021.

Monitoring of performance

As mentioned above the grant funding is public money and therefore we are subject to audit.  We will ask you to provide evidence of how the money we have awarded to you in the form of a grant has been spent.  Our monitoring requirements will be proportionate to the amount we have funded with the larger grants requiring more evidence and monitoring.

Most organisations successfully awarded grant money will be asked to provide case studies, or photographs showing what has been bought, or achieved and sometimes data showing how many people have been helped.

The requirements will be fully explained to you when we consider your application.

Further information

The grants awarded by Spelthorne Borough Council are discretionary.  As such they are decided by a panel who recommend to Council the award of grants.  There is no right of appeal and so please ensure that you you're your application the best that it can be.  Please be aware that being successful in a year does not mean that you will automatically be successful the next and vice versa. 

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