What is the Better Neighbourhood Grants Scheme?

Ward councillors have an annual allowance to support community projects.

The Spelthorne Better Neighbourhoods Grant Scheme gives each borough councillor an annual budget of £1000 to allocate to projects in their ward.

The scheme aims to help the Council work better with the local community and improve well-being for residents at the same time. It funds small projects such as improvements to the local environment or support for community groups.

How funds are allocated

There is no direct application process for projects/groups since the scheme is designed to promote the role of councillors in the community and they will decide how to allocate their budgets based on their local knowledge. However, councillors would be pleased to discuss the needs of any small, local projects that would benefit from support through the scheme.

For further information, contact the Chief Executive's Office.

Chief Executive's Office
Chief Executive's Office
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