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Role of a councillor

The election of councillors is held on the first Thursday in May every four years; the next election is in 2019. Their term of office starts on the fourth day after they are elected and finishes on the fourth day after the date of the next election.

The roles and functions of all councillors are set out in the Council's Constitution.

Key roles for all councillors are as follows:-

  • take part constructively and effectively in the good governance of the Borough
  • contribute actively to the formation, development and review of the Council's policies, priorities, plans, strategies, budget and service delivery
  • promote and contribute to the delivery of the Council's priorities
  • make sure the Council takes into account the differing needs and views of the residents in Spelthorne
  • take an active part in supporting the interests of the community and improving the quality of life in the Borough
  • represent the interests of their ward effectively
  • raise awareness within the community of the Council and its activities, particularly in their wards
  • effectively take part when a member of any committee, sub committee, working group of task group

Councillors have rights of access to documents, information and buildings of the Council as are necessary in accordance with the law.

Councillors are not allowed to discuss any information which is confidential or exempt without the consent of the Council. For these purposes, the exact definition of "confidential" and "exempt" information is as defined in the Access to Information Rules set out in Part 4 of the Council's Constitution.

Councillors who sign the declaration of acceptance of office as a councillor before the Chief Executive understand that they will at all times observe the Members' Code of Conduct and the Protocol on Member/Officer Relations set out in Part 5 of the Council's Constitution.

Councillors are entitled to receive allowances in accordance with the Members' Allowances Scheme set out in Part 6 of the Council's Constitution.

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